Successful application of DiamondFace mechanical seals in multiphase pumps

DF-SGR mechanical seals in gas/oil multiphase

Sales locations


  • Secluded pump system in Northern Germany with a twin screw pump to transport gas/oil mixture.
Product portfolio


  • Complicated requirements and high amount of maintenance of the originally used unpressurized quench.
Advantages (big)


  • DiamondFace-coated DF-SGR mechanical seal for Bornemann twin screw pump.

At 3.7 million tons a year, German production of crude oil covers about 3 % of domestic demand. The largest recoverable reserves are located in Northern Germany. Compared to other oil & gas producing regions, extraction and refining in Germany tend to be more challenging. Highly-optimized cutting-edge technology and processes along with very sophisticated extraction and refining equipment are needed to compete in the international marketplace.

The pump

An oil producer in Northern Germany uses a Bornemann SLM twin screw pump to transport the oil/gas mixture. The relatively compact pump has two mechanical seals.


Bornemann SLM multiphase pump

Originally, a competitor’s double seal with barrier fluid circulation system based on API Plan 54 was installed. However, this solution required a lot of maintenance, which caused high personnel involvements for upkeep and made things difficult for the user.

As the pump system is located in a remote wooded area which is not easily accessible, it was in the customer’s interest to find a solution which reduces maintenance effort to a minimum. Bornemann and EagleBurgmann were aware of the problem. A proposal was made to the user to carry out a field test with a new EagleBurgmann sealing solution. The competitor’s seals were replaced.


Following the retrofit using an SGR with unpressurized quench and a DiamondFaces coating, the customer benefited from a significant, sustained reduction in maintenance and monitoring activity. When the radial shaft sealing ring (not supplied by EagleBurgmann) on the pump failed after one year, the system was checked over and EagleBurgmann suggested operating the seal without quench.

With the DiamondFace coating on the seal faces and 5 % residual lubricating oil content in the medium, the seal has been running in the safe temperature range without leakage, and the user is fully satisfied with the results.


EagleBurgmann Type SGR mechanical seal

  • Medium: oil/gas mixture … 95 % gas content
  • Temperature: t = +10 °C (+50 °F) suction side,
  • +30 °C … +40 °C (+86 °F … 104 °F) pressure side, at the seal
  • Pressure: p = 2 … 3 bar (29 … 44 PSI) suction side
    10 … 11 bar (145 … 160 PSI) discharge side, at the seal
  • Speed: n = 2,700 … 2,800 min-1
  • Seal incl. materials: DF-SGR1/55-E3,
    Q15Q15VGG (1.4571)
  • Seal type: single seal


Yellow parts = rotating, blue = stationary, gray = housing

DiamondFace-coated mechanical seal for multiphase pump
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Sealing solutions for multiphase pump applications
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